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Waterfronts are a valuable asset for any community, but they are also a complex nexus of the natural, human and built environments, making it essential to balance access, amenities, development, flood control, and environmental protection.  A waterfront with no activities or commercial development is unlikely to strengthen the community; one with no public access will not attract visitors.  Periodic flooding must inform the design of waterfront amenities to ensure longevity.  Controlling stormwater to prevent water pollution must also be part of the design process.  Safety must balance access.  Views from buildings and nearby public spaces should be considered.  Waterfronts and riverfronts are complex, but when they succeed they are magnets, economic development drivers, and icons for the cities that enjoy them.  AP&A and our colleagues have developed master plans for large waterfront redevelopment areas as well as detailed designs for waterfront promenades, parks, and open spaces for communities large and small. A few of these are listed below.


Bangor Riverfront Development

Belfast City Centre Plan

Belhaven Downtown Master Plan

Belhaven Waterfront Development Plan

Danville River District Plan

Liverpool Tourism Development Plan

New Bern Open Space Improvements

Paterson Historic Area Redevelopment Plan