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City leadership sometimes feels that a streetscape improvement project or facade improvement program is enough to jumpstart the revitalization process.  But absent an overall vision for the redevelopment area, there is no assurance the end results will match expectations.  Master plans involve staff, leadership, citizens and potential investors in a dialogue that allows the community to define goals and help create an agreed-upon vision for the future.  Plans nearly always include illustrations that bring the plan to life, help with funding, and shape the future of the community for many years. We frequently recommend including economic development specialists in this process to help define growth and shape as realistic plan.  We also prepare implementation strategies including responsibilities, timelines, and possible funding sources.  Although a master plan can never infallibly define the future, it prepares the community to respond appropriately to future opportunities and challenges.  It also helps attract quality development by assuring potential investors of the community's commitment to quality.


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